City of Ghosts Quotes

Teddy: You can't keep stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Sooner or later, Peter gets pissed off.

Movie: City of Ghosts
Jimmy: How am I supposed to trust anybody if I can't even trust myself?

Movie: City of Ghosts
Sok: [about his military background] I never want to kill people again.

Movie: City of Ghosts
Telegrapher Dan: You know, I'm disappointed, I am. I've been expecting fireworks ever since Captain Clark buried his brother.
Hans Plattner, alias Bill Jasper: Maybe you ain't lookin' in the right direction.
Telegrapher Dan: Why? What are you getting at, Bill?
Hans Plattner, alias Bill Jasper: Have you seen Cathy around lately? Where's Idaho and Captain Clark?
Telegrapher Dan: What them three up to?
Hans Plattner, alias Bill Jasper: They're watchin' Morel's Golden Eagle.
Telegrapher Dan: Golden Eagle! Why, who are they after?
Hans Plattner, alias Bill Jasper: I wish I knew, Dan, I sure do. But I'm certain of one thing, you were mentionin' fireworks... Well, they're lightin' the fuse!

Movie: City of Ghosts