City Limits Quotes

Misha: A little dehydrated, are we?
Lexi: Just a little bit.
Helena Toretti: Why are you doing this ****?
Lexi: It makes me feel good, stupid.
Misha: So the guys are ****ed, we're being ****ed and you to throw in a heroin-addict into it all?
Lexi: You're overreacting a bit. I don't have a habit!
Misha: Oh, no? Right. Could you delude yourself a little bit more? You've been clean for six months!
Lexi: You know, I'm so glad I came here.
Misha: For six months you were clean!
Lexi: This is so fun.
Misha: I go out for one night and you hook up with a guy and screw him for a place to stay!
Lexi: Is she calling me a hooker now?
Misha: You said that, not me.
Lexi: Look at yourself, Miss Dictator. You go through men like shoes. You're as much a whore as I am. [Mischa slaps her]
Lexi: And very male at that. ****ing let go off me!

Movie: City Limits
Whitey: Guns are for scro's, Ray. Besides, it's a waste of good beer.

Movie: City Limits