Prizzis Honor Quotes

Eduardo Prizzi: [reading from the letter from Charley] Dominic put out a contract on me...
Dominic Prizzi: He's a ****in' liar!
Eduardo Prizzi: You wanna hear the letter? Then listen, don't talk. There's about a 130 million dollars here, maybe more. We gotta renegotiate before we get it back. Just shut up and listen. Go on, sit down. Go on. [continuing to read from the letter]
Eduardo Prizzi: Dominic will say it's a lot of bull****. But it so happens he hired my own wife and he gave her a down payment of 50 thousand dollars and my wife is sittin' here next to me and she's laughin' like hell. I personally think the Don found Dominic on a doorstep because Dominic is fifty times too dumb to be a Prizzi! [Eduardo and Angelo laugh]

Movie: Prizzis Honor
Irene Walker: I can't get over it. What kinda creep wouldn't catch a baby? If it was real it coulda been crippled for life.
Charley Partanna: He wasn't paid to bodyguard the baby.

Movie: Prizzis Honor