Children of the Stones Quotes

Matthew Brake: Did all this happen, or didn't it?
Adam Brake: I don't know, Matthew. I really don't know.
Matthew Brake: Wait, maybe there's another circle... besides the stones.
Adam Brake: What do you mean?
Matthew Brake: Time. Maybe it's a circle too.
Adam Brake: Are you saying that it may all happen again one day?
Matthew Brake: It may already be happening, to those people inside the town... in a time trap.
Adam Brake: [sarcastic tone] You want to go back and find out?
Matthew Brake: What I really want is a sandwich!
Adam Brake: [laughs] Don't tell me. I just know what you want. Anything on whole wheat or rye. Bacon, lettce and tomato. Peanut butter and jelly...

Movie: Children of the Stones