Chicken Run Quotes

[finding the chickens building the Crate]
Mr. Tweedy: Me tools! Why, you thieving little buggers!

Movie: Chicken Run
[last lines]
Nick: Here's a thought. Why don't we get an egg and start our own chicken farm? That way we'd have all the eggs we could eat.
Fetcher: Right. We'll need a chicken, then.
Nick: No... no, we'll need an egg. You have the egg first, that's where you get the chicken from.
Fetcher: No, that's cobblers. If you don't have a chicken, where are you going to get the egg?
Nick: From the chicken that comes from the egg.
Fetcher: Yeah, but you have to have an egg to have a chicken.
Nick: Yeah, but you've got to get the chicken first to get the egg, and then you get the egg... to get the chicken out of...
Fetcher: Hang on, let's go over this again.

Movie: Chicken Run
Nick: Eggs. Just like the ones that rooster was gonna lay. Only roosters don't lay eggs, do they?
Fetcher: Don't they?
Nick: No, it's a lady thing apparently - ask your mum.

Movie: Chicken Run
Rocky: [apparently training the chickens] And left, two, three, and right, two, three and... stop right there. [chickens stop, confused]
Rocky: Yeah, down [chickens stoop]
Rocky: Yeah, yeah, make little circles [chickens start to spin and Ginger looks up, only to see Rocky getting massaged]
Rocky: That's it, faster, faster... yeah, that hits the spot...
Ginger: [walks over and clears throat; other chickens wander away, embarrassed] I thought you were going to teach us how to fly.
Rocky: That's what I'm doing.
Ginger: Isn't there usually some *flapping* involved?
Rocky: Hey, do I tell you how to lay eggs? Relax - we're making progress!
Ginger: Really? I can't help feeling we're going around in circles. [motions to the spinning chickens behind her]
Rocky: What the - ? Hey! Cut it out! You're making me dizzy! [chickens stop and start stumbling dizzily]
Rocky: [to Ginger] I think they're ready to fly now.
Ginger: [annoyed] Good. Because they certainly can't *walk* anymore.

Movie: Chicken Run
[flings Ginger into the coal-bunker cooler]
Mr. Tweedy: Now let that be a lesson for the lot of ya - no chicken escapes from Tweedy's farm!

Movie: Chicken Run
[the chickens are panicking]
Ginger: Ladies, please. Let's not lose our heads.
Bunty: Lose our heads? Aaaahh.

Movie: Chicken Run