Bullet Quotes

Det. Barzak: [Chasing a gunman through the streets] Freeze! Police! FREEZE! I don't know why I tell 'em to freeze - they never freeze. [Gunman gets hit by cab; goes thru windshield]
Det. Hazeltine: He shoulda froze.
Det. Barzak: Well, it's not like we didn't tell him, man.

Movie: Bullet
George Staub: POW! He painted miss November with his brain.

Movie: Bullet
Helen Sinclair: I'm still a star. I never play frumps or virgins.

Movie: Bullet
Hippie Guy: You know, my mom died in the hospital. Heavy shit. She had lung cancer and she weighed like 75 pounds when she died.
Alan Parker: [inner voice] Thanks for sharing that, asshole. I feel much better now.

Movie: Bullet
Nick: Open your gift.
Olive: You open it, can't you see I'm dressing?
Nick: Here.
Olive: What is it?
Nick: Pearls. What the hell do you think they are?
Olive: Pearls are white.
Nick: These are black pearls.
Olive: Oh, don't give me that. I never heard of black pearls.
Nick: Just becaus you never heard of them don't mean it don't exist.
Olive: What do think I am, some kind of chump? They're black for God's sake. They probably came from defective oysters.

Movie: Bullet
Olive: Why do you have to be so masso... masso...
David Shayne: Masochistic.
Olive: Masochistic? What the does that mean?
David Shayne: It means someone who enjoys pain.
Olive: Enjoys pain? What is she, *retarded*?

Movie: Bullet