Bret Maverick Quotes

Philo Sandeen: My people have a custom: when you save a life, you own that life. I am your servant. I am your brother.
Bret Maverick: I already have a brother and I don't want a servant... particularly some bogus Indian who thinks he's Sitting Bull!
Philo Sandeen: Standing Bear! And my life belong to you.
Bret Maverick: I don't want it!
Philo Sandeen: You got it, pilgrim!

TV Show: Bret Maverick
Terrible Fred McShane: Bartender, this here is my gun and this here's my green... now which of 'em do you want to see me start usin' first?

Movie: Bret Maverick
Tom Guthrie: Well, there's no law against buying votes. Some of the folks around here need the money more than they need the choice. That's just the way it's done now. Now if you'll excuse me...
Rodney Catlow: Well, M.L. says you should give longer speeches.
Tom Guthrie: So she has told me more than once. Speech-making and hand-shaking don't have anything to do with being a good sheriff. When I came to this town, they didn't even have elections. I ran off the Bannavich Gang and they hired me. It was as simple as that. Now a man has to kiss babies... among other things.

TV Show: Bret Maverick
[Mary Lou follows Bret and Tom to the showdown]
Bret Maverick: What's she doing out there?
Tom Guthrie: I made the mistake of telling her she couldn't come.

Movie: Bret Maverick
[Mary Lou and Kate discover they have a common cause fighting for women's suffrage]
Mary Lou Springer, Newspaper Editor: You don't suppose....?
Kate Hanrahan: Well, a pair of queens draw more than an ace.

Movie: Bret Maverick
[referring to Tom's recent suspicious activities]
Bret Maverick: Oh, it's like my old pappy always said, "There's no shame in being boondoogled... providin' you know why."

Movie: Bret Maverick
[Terrible Fred is trying to ambush Maverick]
Terrible Fred McShane: Maverick! Bret Maverick! [Maverick sneaks up behind Fred and cocks his pistol]
Bret Maverick: No need to shout - you have my full attention.

Movie: Bret Maverick