Blue Murder Quotes

DCI Janine Lewis: [to Mayne] Every Batman has a Robin.

Movie: Blue Murder
Richard Mayne: Is this a senior moment?
Tony Shap: I don't know. I've forgotten already.

Movie: Blue Murder
Sergeant Ruby Gates: [dancing cheek-to-cheek in a Parisian boite] The French are so romantic!
Captain Romney Carlton-Ricketts: Yes, but are they sincere?

Movie: Blue Murder
[DCI Lewis has just disciplined DI Mayne for inaproriate behaviour, and is walking along the corridor]
DI Richard Mayne: I'm holding two fingers up at you. Is that allowed?
DCI Janine Lewis: Fine.
DI Richard Mayne: You're off your head.
DCI Janine Lewis: And you're an arrogant winker.

Movie: Blue Murder