Blood Ties Quotes

Mike Celluci: Wanna hear what I found in Mount Pleasant cemetery?
Vicki Nelson: Oo, I'm all ears.
Mike Celluci: Two old corpses and an open casket. One in fresh clothes the other a body of your client's friend who magically jumped out of the city morgue on his own.
Vicki Nelson: Well, at least he was walking in the right direction.

TV Show: Blood Ties
Vicki Nelson: You okay?
Henry Fitzroy: It's the blood.
Vicki Nelson: Not making you sick, is it?
Henry Fitzroy: Just hungry.
Vicki Nelson: Right. Uh, you smell anything else, ya know? Can you sniff out whoever it was that did this?
Henry Fitzroy: I'm a vampire, not a bloodhound.

TV Show: Blood Ties
Celia: Said to Harry as she's seducing him, while he's on the phone to Amy: She's a twinky, all blonde and sticky and full of white goo. But, you know what I'm full of Harry.

TV Show: Blood Ties
Emmanuel: They were vulnerable to me, they needed me. I have everything I need: food, shelter, sex. Why would I want to hurt these women?
Coreen Fennel: And just look at him.
Emmanuel: Thank you.

TV Show: Blood Ties
Harry Martin: You make things for sale Eli, you invent corruption.
Eli Chelarin: And don't you ever sell it short Harry, corruption is the last untapped resource of pure energy on the planet. It feeds the market. It drives the economy. Corruption empowers Harry and absolute corruption empowers absolutely.

TV Show: Blood Ties
Harry Martin: Said to Amy about his family: The taste for the melodramatic comes from too much inbreeding.

TV Show: Blood Ties
Kate Lam: Who are you to talk, Dave? Your third marriage is on its last legs.
Mike Celluci: Yep.
Dave Graham: My-my girlfriend's not too happy, either.

TV Show: Blood Ties
Leon: [to his son, Frank]Listen, your mother... your mother was a bitch. She was a real bitch. She beat the shit out of your brother and sister on a daily basis with whatever she had in her hand. She was a violent drunk, she was a twisted fucking slut.

Movie: Blood Ties
Monica: Come on, Chris! Fuck me. You're dying to, I know you are.
Chris: I just got married.
Monica: Yeah. And? It'll be your wedding present.

Movie: Blood Ties
Frank: [Frank & Valenti are on a stakeout. Valenti slurps the last of his drink and tosses the cup into the back seat]You do understand that this is my car, not yours, right?

Movie: Blood Ties