Black Saddle Quotes

Clay Culhane: All right, put them away!
Calderon: We have no quarrel with you, senor.
Clay Culhane: Let's keep it that way! Go on back down the hill.
Calderon: You are making a great mistake!
Clay Culhane: Well, that puts us even. Now git - fast!

Movie: Black Saddle
Hannibal Pardee: Even the law's leaving town. Didn't Gib tell you? They've ordered him up to Santa Fe. There's no point in having a marshal in a ghost town.
Nora Travers: Well, it's not dead yet.
Hannibal Pardee: If it isn't it will be - as dead as my son.
Nora Travers: Killing this town won't bring your son back. What good does it do?
Hannibal Pardee: I'll tell you what good! The town's life for my boy's life.

Movie: Black Saddle
Judge Caleb Marsh: I'm sorry, sir, I'm real sorry. I only wish that there is something I could do, but that paper don't change anything.
Juan Martinez: I understand, sir. If a law is to be respected, it must apply equally to all men. I would have it so in my own country if I would have the opportunity to enforce it.

Movie: Black Saddle
Marshal Gib Scott: Why would Mallory name me in his will?
Clay Culhane: That's got me, too, Scott.
Marshal Gib Scott: You shoot a man and he pays you off. Doesn't make sense.
Clay Culhane: Not unless Dakins and Thatcher figure three is a crowd. They might like it better with a two-way split.
Marshal Gib Scott: I see what you mean.
Clay Culhane: Just could by Mowery's way of payin' them to kill you.

Movie: Black Saddle
[last lines]
Aaron Robinson: All my life I've lived according to the right.
Clay Culhane: I suppose it was right for somebody else to hang for what you did.
Marshal Gib Scott: C'mon, Aaron. Aaron...

Movie: Black Saddle
[last lines]
Ed Gunther: You know, there's a difference between check and mate, Mr. Culhane. The people in this town are my friends. A jury would never convict me - not on a wild story like that. [the crowd at the inquest edge away from Gunther]
Clay Culhane: Think not? Vox populi, Mr. Gunther - the voice of the people, essence of democracy. He's all yours, Marshal. I'm going to tell Nora.

Movie: Black Saddle