Billionaire Boys Club Quotes

Ron Levin: There are only 17 Bullas on the entire planet, and every single one of them... is locked in a museum.
Joe Hunt: It's a fake.
Ron Levin: But you thought it was an original.
Joe Hunt: Yeah.
Ron Levin: And why?... Because the perception of reality... is more real than reality itself...

Movie: Billionaire Boys Club
Sydney Evans: How can you not see how alone I am?
Joe Hunt: I do! It's this town! It's this town. They build you up to tear you down. You're never good enough. You know how hard it is to keep my stories straight?
Sydney Evans: What?
Joe Hunt: The BBC is full of cash. The BBC's flushed out. Ron Levin's gone to New York. Ron Levin's gone for good!
Sydney Evans: What are you talking about? What does that even mean, gone for good ? Where's Ron Levin?... You know what? I don't wanna know.

Movie: Billionaire Boys Club
Ron Levin: I had been working at Rothschild for a year. When suddenly I found myself thrown in front of a discipline committee and was forced to defend myself. And... I had nothing. 21 stories and none of them good. So I came clean.
Joe Hunt: They take your license?
Ron Levin: No, I mean they could have, they should have, but no. Because what I was doing wasn't illegal... yet. I was ahead of the law. I mean, it was unethical and corrupt. Immoral if you believe in that sort of thing. But it wasn't illegal, so they had nothing. So guess what they did. They asked me to write the code to prohibit the kind of trading that I had been doing. How brilliant is that? That hearing made me with the SEC. And I realized that day... sometimes the truth is the best lie.

Movie: Billionaire Boys Club