Big Brown Eyes Quotes

Benny Battle: [at the barber shop] Every time I turn around I see another bull.
Benny Battle: [Danny emerges from under a towel in the next chair] Well, if it isn't Daniel Barr, the handsome dick.
Danny Barr: Gettin' yourself dolled up?
Danny Barr: Yeah, there's nuttin' like spendin' a half hour in a barber shop that makes a new man out of ya.
Danny Barr: When did ya get out outta the can?
Benny Battle: About an hour ago, thanks to the habby-us corpus.
Danny Barr: Yeah, and that shyster lawyer of yours.
Benny Battle: I wouldn't talk like that. Ya might get pinched for slander.
Eve Fallon: Yeah, and don't carry any matches; they're liable to charge you with arson.
Benny Battle: Hey, Chalkie, get me a pineapple soda. Get me a big lump of whipped cream on it, and a nice red cherry. How's it, babe?
Danny Barr: How d'ya like that chair?
Benny Battle: I like it, 'specially when I'm tired.
Danny Barr: Well, there's one upstate looks just like it. Ya wouldn't care for that one would ya?
Benny Battle: No thanks. I'm not that tired.

Movie: Big Brown Eyes
Editor: Wait! Wait!
Eve Fallon: You wait... you look like a waiter anyway.

Movie: Big Brown Eyes