Beyblade - The Movie - Fierce Battle (V) Quotes

Tyson: [Tyson and Daichi are about to have a rematch] Okay, Daichi, give me everything you got!
Daichi: Ha! You're not the boss of me, Tyson!
Tyson: Think you have what it takes to beat me?
Daichi: You bet I do!
Tyson: Okay this boat will be our official beystadium. Agreed?
Daichi: Yeah.
Tyson: Okay.
Tyson, Daichi: [shouts] Let it rip!

Movie: Beyblade - The Movie - Fierce Battle (V)
Tyson: Who are you?
Daichi: My name's Daichi. I challenge you! And when I win I'll be Japan's number one beyblader.
Tyson: You?
Daichi: If you want this trophy back you have to beybattle me for it.
Tyson: You want it so bad, you can have it.
Daichi: What?
Tyson: Just go back to whatever tree you fell out of.
Daichi: Hey! Are you making fun of me, Tyson?
Tyson: I'm not making fun of you. Whoever dressed you has already taken care of that for me.
Daichi: [Daichi takes his bag of his shoulder] Oh, yeah!
Daichi: [Daichi takes out his beyblade and his beyblade launcher and fires] Take that!
Tyson: [Tyson being shocked] Huh! [Tyson takes out his beyblade and launcher]
Tyson: Watch it! [fires his beyblade]
Tyson: [Tyson's beyblade and Daichi's beyblade ricochet back] You're not half bad. Been practising with the other animals at the zoo?
Daichi: That's it, Tyson!
Tyson: Okay, why not?

Movie: Beyblade - The Movie - Fierce Battle (V)