Being John Malkovich Quotes

Maxine: Tell me a little about yourself.
Craig Schwartz: Well, I'm a puppeteer...
Maxine: Check!

Movie: Being John Malkovich
Waiter: Malkovich?
John Malkovich: MALKOVICH!
Waiter: Malkovich.

Movie: Being John Malkovich
Craig Schwartz: I was thinking about what you were saying the other day, about the orientation film being bullshit.
Maxine: Yes?
Craig Schwartz: I think maybe you're on to something.
Maxine: And fifty other lines to get into a girl's pants.

Movie: Being John Malkovich
Larry the Agent: John! Great to see you! Sorry about the cunt at reception. Craig Schwartz (in John Malkovich): This is my fiancée Maxine.
Larry the Agent: Great to see you, Maxine. Sorry about the cunt at reception. Please have a seat.

Movie: Being John Malkovich
[During sex]
John Malkovich: Did you call me Lotte?
Maxine: Yeah, do you mind?
John Malkovich: No, not really.

Movie: Being John Malkovich
[Lotte comes home late at night]
Craig Schwartz: You were him, weren't you?
Lotte Schwartz: Yeah.
Craig Schwartz: And he was with her!
Lotte Schwartz: We love her, Craig.
Craig Schwartz: We?
Lotte Schwartz: John and me.

Movie: Being John Malkovich