Beauty in Chaos Quotes

Older Lily: Do you know how a photograph is made? The camera takes in the light through the lens, the aperture opens, and the focused light slices into the camera, embedding the image forever onto the film. The film is developed, and the images are resurrected with chemicals. [pause]
Older Lily: Do you know how a photograph is really made?
Assistant: You just said, the aperture opens andâ?¦
Older Lily: A photograph is made in the mind of the photographer. He points his paintbrush and captures a moment, a temporal thief, he stops the clock for that one instant, and stores it in his camera. He captures an emotion, an event, or most poignantly, some indescribable nuance, that every person who sees the picture identifies, but can't put into words.
Assistant: You really love it, don't you?
Older Lily: He once told me, The job of an artist is to make order out of chaos. Do you think that's true?
Assistant: Sure. In a film negative everything is the opposite of what it looks like. Black is white, White is black. All the things you expect are switched around.

Movie: Beauty in Chaos