Beautiful Thing Quotes

Leah: It's your bird. She talks to me like I've got "cunt" written on me forehead.
Tony: You shouldn't use words like "bird".

Movie: Beautiful Thing
Ryan Gielen: [pointing at Fan's poster with autographs] Is Larry on there?
Fan 1: He's on here somewhere.
Fan 2: Yeah.
Fan 1: Definitely somewhere. Don't know where. He's on here somewhere.

Movie: Beautiful Thing
Sandra: You're pissed! From a bloody gay bar!
Jamie: How do you know it's a gay bar?
Sandra: Cos it's got a bloody great pink neon arse outside of it!

Movie: Beautiful Thing
Sandra: It's not natural, is it?
Jamie: What ain't?
Sandra: A girl her age being into Mama Cass.
Leah: She's got a really beautiful voice.
Sandra: And what's wrong with Madonna?
Leah: She's a slag.
Sandra: Hypocrite.

Movie: Beautiful Thing
Sandra: It's for his bird.
Tony: Do you have to use words like that? It really disempowers you.

Movie: Beautiful Thing