Beast Wars - Transformers Quotes

Dinobot: [in robot mode] Well, come on then! Transform!
Dinobot: I... I can't! I was only constructed in beast mode, and have no robot mode!
Dinobot: Then I shall defeat you in a manner worthy of honour... [transforms back into beast mode]

Movie: Beast Wars - Transformers
Megatron: Inferno, aide Quickstrike
Inferno: Yes, my queen.
Dinobot: I was not aware you had given yourself a new title.
Megatron: The ant has some faulty programming.

Movie: Beast Wars - Transformers
Rattrap: That meteor must have slagged the Preds good. Why aren't you guys celebrating? That meteor just solved all of our problems.

Movie: Beast Wars - Transformers
Silverbolt: I can't pick up her signal. It's time to get back to basics. I'm picking up her scent, and I'm picking up another scent, a foul one, Dinobot.

Movie: Beast Wars - Transformers
[From a distance, a hawk tracks a battered pterodactyl and giant wasp]
Airazor: Hmmm... either the grunge look is coming back, or those guys ran into something hot...

Movie: Beast Wars - Transformers
[Terrorsaur goes to recharge, leaving Tarantulas in command]
Scorponok: What does he mean, YOU'RE in command? I'M second in command!
Tarantulas: So command! [scuttles off after Terrorsaur]

Movie: Beast Wars - Transformers