Bean Quotes

David Langley: Doesn't it take, like, five hours?
Mr. Bean: ...not... necessarily

Movie: Bean
Fermel Parlee (Jackson gang: [after Bean shoots Bad Bob in the back] You call that sportin'? It weren't a real standup fight.
Judge Roy Bean: Standup? I laid down to steady my aim.
Fermel Parlee (Jackson gang: Well, I mean he never had a chance.
Judge Roy Bean: Not at all. Never did, never would have. I didn't ask him to come here. I don't abide giving killers a chance. He wants a chance, let him go someplace else.

Movie: Bean
Mr. Bean: Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean.

Movie: Bean
Rev. Mr. LaSalle: That was the first and last time I saw Judge Roy Bean. I never got back to that country and died of dysentery in old Mexico. I haven't seen him since, so he probably went to Hell.

Movie: Bean
Whorehouse Lucky Jim (Jackson gang: You call that justice?
Judge Roy Bean: Justice is the handmaiden of law.
Nick the Grub (Jackson gang: You said law was the handmaiden of justice.
Judge Roy Bean: Works both ways.

Movie: Bean