BattleGround - 21 Days on the Empires Edge Quotes

Rana al Aiouby: I will not ask an American to help me to stand up. I can stand up by myself. Why shall I ask the Americans? If they want to help someone, they can help themselves. They can build their country or they can help the poor people who live in the United States. Why do they come here to help me?
Hesham Barbary: What I'm saying is that America is here for its benefit and partially for the Iraqi's benefit.
Rana al Aiouby: So the Americans came here to help the Iraqi people? They didn't come to help the Iraqis. Everybody knows why they came here. Just like - because their economic system collapsed, or fell down, so they have to help themselves. Even if they make a disaster for the others.
Hesham Barbary: Rana -
Rana al Aiouby: It's very simple. Occupation equals resistance. It's a very simple answer.

Movie: BattleGround - 21 Days on the Empires Edge