Batman - Vengeance (VG) Quotes

Jim Gordon: Y'know, it's funny. I somehow feel safer knowing the Joker's alive. A living madman is at least human. But dead, he's the stuff nightmares are made of... How did you know? Batman?

Movie: Batman - Vengeance (VG)
the Batman: Joker.
the Joker: Heck of a joke, huh, Bats?
the Batman: Hilarious. What's the punch-line?
the Joker: Hmph. Some detective. Here's the joke: I'm not dead, and Gotham is. The punch-line: It's all YOUR fault, Batsy.
the Batman: The gasworks. The prometheum. It was all you.
the Joker: That was me, but... Small potatoes. I wanted help, if I wanted to murder a whole city.
the Batman: Harley.
the Joker: Sure. Harley had you wrapped around her little... whatever... But I needed more! But I needed more! That's where you came in.
the Batman: The gasworks.
the Joker: Ooh. Nice work with that one, Bats. Opening up those valves did wonders for this little Burning Down Gotham idea I've been kicking around.
the Batman: But what about Ivy?
the Joker: Hah! I've met yams with a higher IQ than that wenchtable! But it was the quietest way to make as much Joker Toxin as I needed...
the Batman: And the Prometheum?
the Joker: Well that's the burning question, isn't it?

Movie: Batman - Vengeance (VG)
[Joker is dangling off the edge of the Gotham Bridge]
the Joker: Seems like old times, eh, Bats? You, me, a vat of chemicals? [Joker giggles hysterically]

Movie: Batman - Vengeance (VG)