Balto Quotes

Aleu: I know who I am. I am Aleu, daughter of Balto and Jenna, who happens to be a pure-bred husky. Who are you?

Movie: Balto
Balto: Son, there are more important things than your job. That man is out there probably freezing to death and you're just here sitting, doing nothing about it. Good day to you SIR!
Kodi: But dad! I don't even think he's out there! And even if he was, he tried to steal our jobs! He is the ENEMY!
Balto: That is no excuse. You think your job is worth more than a life? [sighs]
Balto: I thought you were better than that! [leaves]
Kodi: [sighs] I'm sorry, dad.

Movie: Balto
Dixie: What's with you, Jenna? Steele's a genuine hero. But do you give him a sniff?
Slyvie or Sylvie: That's because Jenna is running with Balto. [Dixie makes a noise of disbelief]
Slyvie or Sylvie: She was seen in the boiler room the other night with Balto. And they went in together and they left together. And I heard it all from a very reliable source, and don't bother to deny it.
Jenna: Well... then I won't.
Slyvie or Sylvie: [gasps] I'm speechless.

Movie: Balto
Nikki: Two bones says Steele takes him.
Kaltag: You're on.

Movie: Balto
Star: [Balto has stopped, and is looking at the marked trees; he detects Steele's scent on some of them] Which way, Balto? Which way?
Balto: [looks around desperately] Uh, this way. [continues leading the team through the forest; sees Steele's scratch-marks on every tree]
Balto: No, it can't be!
Kaltag: Why are you taking us in circles?
Balto: I'm not! I mean... I don't know! [gesturing toward the marked trees]
Balto: It's Steele!
Nikki: [referring to Steele] Maybe we was better off with him.
Balto: No! Come on! Mush! [starts running, going a little too fast]
Star: Balto! Slow down! Please!

Movie: Balto
Wild Joe: I don't get it. How could Balto hope to find Steele and his team? They were off the trail.
Jenna: Well... he's tracking them.
Morse: That mutt? Tracking a championship team in a blizzard? [laughs; a couple others join in]
Jenna: [Steele comes in] Balto?
Jenna: Steele!
Wild Joe: You're back!
Morse: We'd given you up!
Doc: Where are the others?
Steele: [bows his head] One by one they fell. Frozen, barely alive. I pulled four onto the sled and three more on my back. I walked and I walked, but it was too late. They were... [the other dogs gasp]
Doc: What about the medicine?
Steele: I went on, dragging the medicine alone. Suddenly that wolfdog appeared. Balto demanded I let *him* take the medicine. [turns to Jenna]
Steele: You know he just wanted so much to be a hero in your eyes. [turns towrd the other dogs]
Steele: He grabbed the crate, but he couldn't handle it. He didn't see the patch of ice... and the cliff. [pulls out Jenna's bandanna]
Steele: He didn't have a chance. [shakes his head, clucking softly]
Jenna: [gasps] My bandanna!
Steele: [gets closer to Jenna] He made me promise to take care of you, Jenna.
Jenna: You're lying. [louder]
Jenna: Steele's lying. Balto's alive. And he's coming home. [runs out the door]
Steele: [closes his eyes and nods yes] She... just needs a little time.

Movie: Balto