Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever Quotes

Agent Harry Lee: Where is our mysterious killer?
Ecks: She's not a killer.
Agent Harry Lee: Then what is she?
Ecks: She's a mother.
Agent Harry Lee: Okay then, where is she?

Movie: Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever
Robert Gant: You were supposed to protect my son.
Agent Curtis: [stammering] Uh... she took us by surpise.
Robert Gant: How do I explain that to my wife?
Agent Curtis: I... uh... I...
Robert Gant: Back in the Middle Ages, in more noble times, when a knight failed his king, that knight would throw himself onto his sword to avoid the humiliation of being ostracized by his peers for his incompetence and cowardice.
Agent Curtis: Sir?
Robert Gant: [holds out a large .45 pistol] Do the honorable thing, Agent Curtis. Take the gun. [Curtis takes the pistol from Gant]
Robert Gant: Put it against your head. [Curtis puts the gun to his head]
Robert Gant: Pull the trigger. [Curtis hesitates]
Robert Gant: Now!

Movie: Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever