Baggage Claim Quotes

William Wright: The magic isn't in getting married; it's in staying married.

Movie: Baggage Claim
Mr. Donaldson: There is no reason you can't do something for your people. You could do something really great. Historic, maybe. I mean, we're talking the Obamas. The Williams sisters. And like Tiger Woods.
Langston: Well, if, uh... you're referring to the American people... then, yes, I have every intention of making the American people very proud.
Mr. Donaldson: Well, I was thinking specifically of your people, the black people.
Langston: Well, I live in Georgetown, so I guess these... these would be my people. And Tiger Woods lives in Florida, so those would be his people.
Mr. Donaldson: Are you saying that where Tiger Woods lives makes him irrelevant to people of the same skin color?
Langston: You'd first have to determine Tiger Woods' skin color.
Mr. Donaldson: He's black.
Langston: Well, I think... what would make Tiger Woods black... would be his passion for things, uh, that... are related to the African-American race as a whole. Which he has not yet proven to have.
Montana Moore: What I think would make Tiger Woods black is the fact he drives an Escalade and his daddy's name is Earl.

Movie: Baggage Claim