Backbeat Quotes

Astrid: How can you be such an asshole?
John Lennon: Practice.

Movie: Backbeat
John Lennon: Green tea, anyone?

Movie: Backbeat
Paul McCartney: [singing after John has just belted out a drunken rant] Time to go home, time to go home, Andy and Teddy are waving goodnight!

Movie: Backbeat
Stuart Sutcliffe: Ahhh, Liverpool.
John Lennon: Home of...
Stuart Sutcliffe: ...Liverpudlians.
John Lennon: You know what it is I like about Liverpool, Mr. Sutcliffe?
Stuart Sutcliffe: No, what is it you like about Liverpool, Mr. Lennon?
John Lennon: I was hoping you'd tell me.

Movie: Backbeat