Back in Business Quotes

Gina: What Calvin NEEDS you to do is to get up off your fat ass an' cut some heads!
Eddie: Now how you gonna talk about size... when you one Reese's Pieces away from Jenny Craig y'self?

Movie: Back in Business
Joe Elkhart: You're like Heidi's girls.
Tony Dunbar: What?
Joe Elkhart: I feel like I'm being ****ed.

Movie: Back in Business
[Calvin is about to eat a biscuit]
Miss Emma: Say grace first!
Calvin: Oh, uh...Jesus wept.
Miss Emma: Why?
Calvin: Why what?
Miss Emma: Why did Jesus weep?
Calvin: 'Cuz he was sad.
Miss Emma: *Why* was he sad?
Calvin: 'Cuz he was sad 'cuz they ain't let him eat his biscuit...

Movie: Back in Business