Baby Quotes

Maggie Fitzgerald: You're gonna leave me again?
Frankie Dunn: Never.

Movie: Baby
Gilbertine: Nanny Gilbertine is so sick of the "Boo-boo" book she could just gag... [baby Bink starts to giggle]

Movie: Baby
Lily Powers: Well, if Fuzzy Wuzzy wants to give me a present, he could put a few more pennies in my back account.
J.P. Carter: Oh, Baby, ask me something difficult.

Movie: Baby
Welch: [Welch is searching Eddie's apartment for a stolen pearl necklace] What kind of a sap do you think I am?
Eddie Ellison: I don't know. What kind of a sap are you?
Welch: Now, let's see. If I was in your spot, I wonder where I'd hide that necklace.
Eddie Ellison: Let me see. Maybe you'd swallow it.
Larry Scott: I read in Popular Mechanics where Zulus hide jewels by sewing them under their skin.
Eddie Ellison: That'd be all right if we were Zulus.

Movie: Baby
Ajay Singh Rathore: In religion column, we write INDIAN in bold letters.

Movie: Baby
ATC Officer: Jamal ek gaddar tha.
Firoz Ali Khan: That is not point, Jamal hamara adami tha.

Movie: Baby