Another Happy Day Quotes

Lynn: [increasingly upset at Paul]All I know is that my daughter has been silently slicing her arms and legs with a straight-edge razor for six years. A straight-edge razor! Now what don't you understand, you solipsistic fuck!

Movie: Another Happy Day
Lynn: Get out. Get out. You son of a bitch.
Elliot: Think you just insulted yourself, mom.
Lynn: Shut up and go fuck yourself!

Movie: Another Happy Day
[first lines]Ben: Do you think mom is hot?
Elliot: No, not really.
Ben: Why?
Elliot: I don't know. She's not my type.
Ben: You don't think she's pretty? Even if she wasn't mom.
Elliot: Uh, look, every opinion is objective. You know, maybe she's pretty in a universal sense. Uh, I mean, who the fuck knows? I'm just saying, she doesn't do it for me.
Ben: Do you think other people think she's hot?
Elliot: I don't know, some people fuckin' like McDonalds.
Ben: I like McDonalds.
Elliot: Right, and apparently you think mom is hot, so...

Movie: Another Happy Day