Angel Face Quotes

Father Jerry: Rocky? Rocky?
Rocky Sullivan: What are you doing up here? Go on, get out of here! Beat it!
Father Jerry: I'm coming in, Rocky.
Rocky Sullivan: What's the matter with you? You want to get your skull full of lead? Get out of here! I thought you were smarter than trying to stick your kisser in a place like this.
Father Jerry: I couldn't stand by and watch them shoot you down, Rocky. They've got you covered from every angle. Your only chance is to give yourself up. You're through, Rocky. You're finished.
Rocky Sullivan: Yeah, I was until you stepped into it.

Movie: Angel Face
Jerry, As a Boy: [to Rocky] Come on, Rocky. Jump!

Movie: Angel Face
Rocky Sullivan: Who's the leader?
Soapy: I am.
Rocky Sullivan: Come here. Collect that dough, and fast!

Movie: Angel Face