Rabbit Seasoning Quotes

Chuck Jones: I think that Bugs is different than all of our characters in that he's a comic hero. And in all my films I try to have the feeling that he was put-upon, that he was minding his own business, and really not interested in being an aggressive character, until somebody comes along and tries to do him hurt.

Movie: Rabbit Seasoning
Daffy Duck: [to Bugs in drag] Out of sheer honesty, I demand that you tell him who you are! Well? Haven't you anything to say? Out of sheer honesty? Huh?
Bugs Bunny: [to Elmer, in a women's voice] Yes. I would just love a duck dinner. [Kisses Elmer, who then shoots Daffy in an amorous daze]

Movie: Rabbit Seasoning
[Hiding in Bugs' burrow]
Bugs Bunny: Go and take a peak up an' see if he's still around
Daffy Duck: Right-O! [Daffy looks out the hole, gunshot heard; Daffy comes back down]
Bugs Bunny: Is he still there?
Daffy Duck: [dazed] Still lurking about!
Bugs Bunny: I know! You go up an' act as a decoy an' lure 'im away.
Daffy Duck: No more for me, thanks! I'm drivin'! [faints]
Bugs Bunny: Ah, well; like they say, never send a duck to do a rabbit's job.

Movie: Rabbit Seasoning