American Male Quotes

Dan Andersen: You kill this guy?
Nick Lewitzky: I guess.
Dan Andersen: You guess? What the fuck do you mean you guess? Did you kill the bitch or did you not?
Nick Lewitzky: I don't know! Shit! I was drunk!
Dan Andersen: No! That's not a goddamn excuse. You didn't get up on a table and start dancing or call your ex, you fucking killed a senator.
Nick Lewitzky: Okay, fuck you. I didn't call you here so you could yell at me.
Dan Andersen: Then why did you call me here? You want me to un-kill him?
Nick Lewitzky: I just...
Dan Andersen: You just what? You just accidentally assassinated someone?
Nick Lewitzky: I just don't know what the fuck to do!

Movie: American Male