American Jubilee Quotes

Randy 'Mittens' Gullchrest: So I take it you're a philosopher?
Otis: No, I'm an Anesthesiologist. Pass the turnips.

Movie: American Jubilee
Avery: It's all making sense to me now. It's like that widower you slept with who worked at that theme park. You didn't have to sleep with her.
Otis: She lost her husband on one of the rides she ran so I felt bad for her.
Avery: But dad, we were on vacation.

Movie: American Jubilee
Randy 'Mittens' Gullchrest: So where do you wanna start today - I was thinking we could go into my past of stealing women from men and, or how I infuse music into my work - I've been very inspired by the sounds we forget are even there but constantly surround us - like crickets and light jazz.

Movie: American Jubilee
Avery: The biggest story I covered over the last decade was an outbreak of tree fungus at last year's apple harvest in Wolcott.
Kenzie: Two kids died from that.
Avery: Those reports were optimistic.

Movie: American Jubilee