American Flyers Quotes

Woman Reporter: It's a big day for American cycling, to have two Americans beat an Olympic champ. You must feel some pride.
Jerome: Come on man, walk it off.
Muzzin: No, no, I'm alright. OK. I'm not riding for America lady. I tried riding for America. I spent four years of my life working shitty jobs so I could train and make the Olympic team and ride for my... Look at me! And then some fatasses in Washington started having opinions. The Olympic Committee started having opinions. You, you bitch, I know you! You started writing your opinions. So we boycott the Olympics. I was in the best shape of my life in the summer of 1980 and I got beat by opinions.
Woman Reporter: Is that why you're boycotting the victory ceremony?
Muzzin: What victory? There's two stages left.
Woman Reporter: Still, the fact remains...
Muzzin: You wouldn't know a fact if it banged you all night long!

Movie: American Flyers