American Dreamer Quotes

Inspector Klaus: What are you trying to tell me? Is she Rebecca Ryan or is she not Rebecca Ryan?
Alan McMann: I told you! There is no such person.
Inspector Klaus: But she sat right here!
Alan McMann: No! She thinks she's a character in a book. She thinks I'm a character in a book. She even thinks my mother is a character in a book. The woman is crazy!
Inspector Klaus: She is not the only one.
Alan McMann: Look, you have got to do something because the priest's death was not an accident. That bullet, and this one, were meant for Rebecca.
Inspector Klaus: The women that does not exist...
Alan McMann: No, of course she exists but not as Rebecca!
Inspector Klaus: Because Rebecca does not exist.
Alan McMann: Right!
Inspector Klaus: Wrong! [throws Alan out of his office]

Movie: American Dreamer