Alive Quotes

Guard Mike Gurney: Sure, I'll hit, and I'll hit hit you again any time you get outta line!
Big Billy: Some day when you hit me, I'll squeeze your neck 'til it pops! I'm Big Billy. I'm strong - stronger than you are! Stronger tha anyone is! [Shakes his hands]
Big Billy: That's why you're afraid to hit me without a blackjack. I'm smart, you know!

Movie: Alive
Jann Lee: What's wrong with being to powerful?

Movie: Alive
Judge Coogan: Now how often does a foot scrapin' bounty man get a chance to die a hero's death?
Julie Taggert: A martyr's death. There's a difference.
Bartender Tom: Being a martytr's better than being a bounty hunter.
Julie Taggert: Being alive is better than being dead.

Movie: Alive
[Intro scene with Zack vs. Tina]
Zack: Hey baby, why don't we hook up?
Tina Armstrong: [pulls out a mirror] Here's a mirror. Use it! [Tina tosses the mirror to Zack and Zack shattered the mirror with one punch]

Movie: Alive