Alien Tracker (V) Quotes

Jess: [reading the diary of Mel's grandmother] Your grandmother used to own a speakeasy. [Mel closes the diary]
Jess: What?
Mel Porter: It's not right.
Jess: It was right a minute ago.
Mel Porter: Speakeasy?
Jess: I can't believe it, all those nights of playing truth or dare, and she never led on to the truth...
Mel Porter: You played truth or dare with my grandmother?
Jess: Amongst other things... get a few shots of tequila in her and...
Mel Porter: Tequila? [beat]
Mel Porter: She used to knit me doilies.
Jess: You think her whole life was knitting doilies?

Movie: Alien Tracker (V)