Alien Arrival Quotes

Title Card: Two generals both lay claim to power. Lang won the war. Hatch resists from the shadows.
Title Card: Once a year, Liberation Day commemorates Lang's victory. Mony of Hatch's supporters are publicly executed for treason. The unlucky few are sent to military prisons.
Title Card: Stories have surfaced that Hatch has been invading prisons in order to free his men. His whereabouts are unknown.

Movie: Alien Arrival
Tobias Hatch: You know what I hate about prison? You throw a wolf into a cage, and all you're gonna get is an angry wolf. Throw him in with a whole pack, and they just make each other worse. But, if he comes out of there clean, do you think that means he was fixed?
Kye Cortland: No.
Tobias Hatch: It' means he didn't belong there in the first place. You see, the real bad wolves, they can't be fixed.

Movie: Alien Arrival
Kye Cortland: You're gonna wake me up? Transform me back? [laughs]
RE3F: I will try.
Kye Cortland: You will try. Why don't you try dying. See if you feel like yourself when you come back. I'm not killing myself just so I can fight it with a fresh coat of paint, all right? I'm doing just fine.
RE3F: I am rarely wrong, Kye. Kill yourself.

Movie: Alien Arrival
RE3F: [about time dilation]One hundred men go in, and mere moments later an entire fleet of brand new ships. Imagine the manufacturing power. Our Arrowhead class science vessels are launching soon to scope out the perfect location for Carcere Tempest, paving the way for a quieter tomorrow.
Kye Cortland: I thought that was classified. Isn't that against your rules?
RE3F: Sometimes you have to break something to make it better.

Movie: Alien Arrival
Carl Sanders: You're weak! You're nothing! [stabs him]
Carl Sanders: This war has no place for men like you.
Kye Cortland: Yeah? Well, you recruited me. [runs him through]

Movie: Alien Arrival
[last lines] RE3F: Now Holland is a long way.
Kye Cortland: [carrying him]You know, RE3F, we've got time.
RE3F: Are we going to save your father?
Kye Cortland: No. I'm gonna save... everybody.

Movie: Alien Arrival