Alaska Quotes

Donnie Shulzhoffer: Hey, you know where a guy can get a rub and a tug around here?

Movie: Alaska
Donnie Shulzhoffer: This is hockey, OK? It's not rocket surgery.

Movie: Alaska
Michelle: Are you going to leave me here alone?
Sam McCord: Make yourself at home. Billy's here.
Michelle: Who's Billy?
Sam McCord: George's little kid brother.
Michelle: How little?
Sam McCord: Seventeen. But he's man enough to take care of you!
Michelle: That's what I'm afraid of!

Movie: Alaska
Perry: Lets get rid of this kayak before any unwanted company comes.
Koontz, Perry's Pilot: [sees a helicopter] Who the hell is that?
Perry: Unwanted company.

Movie: Alaska
Sean Barnes: Look! It wasn't my fault!
Sergeant Grazer: Son, in Alaska; if it happens to you, it's your fault.

Movie: Alaska