Aimée and Jaguar Quotes

Nazi Editor: Now that the Jewish mania for destruction has shown itself in the deeds of those aerial pirates even the weak and cowardly among us have realised that National Socialism is our peoples greatest and only hope. The world can mock us but it will tremble when it realises what tremendous feats this people is capable of.

Movie: Aimée and Jaguar
[Berlin Resistance]
Felice: The 50 best photographers were sent to photograph the most beautiful buildings, they'll destroy everything. Here, for our English friends.
Fritz: Are you crazy, what is this?
Felice: The latest transport lists from Hungary. Have Schmidty photograph them. 'Til tomorrow.
Fritz: Felice. You've lost every sense of danger. That's not good, not for any of us.

Movie: Aimée and Jaguar