Agent Cody Banks Quotes

Natalie Connors: You know your first impression sucked and your second was terrible, but your third was kinda good.
Cody Banks: Wait till you see my fourth.

Movie: Agent Cody Banks
C.I.A. Director: You'll be attending a summer music academy.
Cody Banks: More school, just once in my life I'd like a mission that doesn't involve homework [pause]
Cody Banks: wait, did you say music?
C.I.A. Director: Yeah it's a good thing you play the clarinet.
Cody Banks: Yeah... wait, I don't play the clarinet.
C.I.A. Director: Your father says you were in a school marching band for three years.
Cody Banks: I faked playing the clarinet to meet girls.
C.I.A. Director: You joined a marching band to meet girls?
Cody Banks: Yeah.
C.I.A. Director: Well you faked it for three years you can handle it for a couple of weeks. You'll be part of an international youth orchestra.
Cody Banks: An international youth orchestra, where?

Movie: Agent Cody Banks
Cody Banks: All her classes, isn't that kind of creepy?
CIA Director: Creepy? We're the CIA, creepy is what we do.

Movie: Agent Cody Banks
Derek: Here's my ride, designed it myself, Gucci interior, plasma flat screen, DVD, surround sound, GPS navigation system, and riding shotgun, my right hand man Kumar.
Kumar: What up Mr. Banks, it is a bit young.
Derek: And to top it off... whooo, I got the fastest system in all of London [he begins playing music but Cody shuts it off]
Cody Banks: Of course, everytime you turn that on you risk blowing your cover and putting yourself and all your men in danger.
Derek: Nany, nany, Nah. You know what your problem is Banks, your too darn old, act like a kid, that's why they recruited you [he plays the music agian]

Movie: Agent Cody Banks
Ronica Miles: Let's get one thing straight, I am not your partner. I'm your handler. Like in the zoo.

Movie: Agent Cody Banks