Adventures of Captain Marvel Quotes

Opening crawl: In a remote section of Siam, near the Burmese border, lies a desolate, volcanic land which has for centuries been taboo to white men - The Valley of Tombs! To this realm of mystery, jealously guarded by native tribes unconquered since the dawn of time, has come the Malcolm Archaeological Expedition to find the lost secret of the Scorpion Dynasty.

Movie: Adventures of Captain Marvel
Tal Chotali: What causes this attack? Rahman Bar [Ch. 1,11-12]: The legend, Towana. The white man shall not desecrate the Valley of Tombs.
Tal Chotali: That is not the true legend. When there is desecration, Scorpio will erupt. [Tal Chotali gestures towards a smoking volcano]
Tal Chotali: See for yourself, there is no eruption. You have spilled blood without reason. Return to your people and counsel them to await a sign from Scorpio! Rahman Bar [Ch. 1,11-12]: I will do as you say, Toawana. The true legend must not be violated. But the white men must leave. There is a curse that says that any white man who enters the Valley of Tombs shall die.

Movie: Adventures of Captain Marvel