Adams Rib Quotes

Adam Bonner: First of all, I should like to say that I think the arguments advanced by the counsel for the defense were sound... MERE sound!

Movie: Adams Rib
Adam Bonner: [takes a bite out of his fake gun]
Adam Bonner: Licorice. If there's anything I'm a sucker for, it's licorice.

Movie: Adams Rib
Amanda Bonner: Mr. Attinger had never touched you before this time?
Beryl Caighn: Sure
Amanda Bonner: Ahh!
Beryl Caighn: We used to shake hands quite a lot.
Amanda Bonner: I see. Did you enjoy it?

Movie: Adams Rib
Beryl Caighn: And then I heard a noise.
Adam Bonner: What kind of noise?
Beryl Caighn: Like a sound.

Movie: Adams Rib
Warren Francis Attinger: [to Adam Bonner] Listen, you don't get a split lip from imagination!

Movie: Adams Rib