A Letter to Three Wives Quotes

Addie Ross: She won't stay mad at him for long. She's too much in love. Pretty soon she'll be full of self-reproach. Ha ha! Women are so silly.

Movie: A Letter to Three Wives
Deborah Bishop: Have you any idea how much Lora Mae is in love with you?
Porter Hollingsway: [scornfully] No! How much?
Deborah Bishop: So much she's afraid to tell you, afraid you'd laugh at her.
Porter Hollingsway: Me laugh? She couldn't say it with a straight face. Lora Mae in love with me? It's all she can do to wait it out.
Deborah Bishop: Wait it out?
Porter Hollingsway: Yeah, like an annuity till it matures. Like a slot machine till it pays off. That's what she's waiting for. A chance to call it off, to collect. "The end of the line. Fares, please." Don't tell me about love and Lora Mae.

Movie: A Letter to Three Wives
George Phipps: The purpose of radio writing, as far as I can see, is to prove to the masses that a deodorant can bring happiness... a mouth wash guarantee success and a laxative attract romance.

Movie: A Letter to Three Wives
Lora Mae Hollingsway: I've been a good wife. The best wife your money could buy.
Porter Hollingsway: Strictly cash and carry.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: Isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that what you told me? "Out in the open. You made a good deal, kid." Did you every stop to think, Porter, that in over 3 years there's one word we've never said to each other, even in fun?
Porter Hollingsway: To you, I'm a cash register. You can't love a cash register.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: And I'm part of your inventory. You can't love that, either.
Porter Hollingsway: I asked you to marry me because I was crazy about you.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: You didn't even ask me!
Porter Hollingsway: I've been a good husband. You got everything you want.
Lora Mae Hollingsway: If you'd only asked me, if you'd only made me feel like a woman instead of a piece of merchandise!
Porter Hollingsway: Did you give me a chance to? All you ever showed me was your price tag.

Movie: A Letter to Three Wives
Sadie: The cap's out. Makes me look like a lamb chop with pants on.

Movie: A Letter to Three Wives