Accepted Quotes

Dean Van Horne: Rejection. That's what makes a college great. The exclusivity of any university is judged primarily by the amount of students it rejects.

Movie: Accepted
Uncle Ben: You know a lot of people say that college is a time when young men and women expand the way that they look at their world when they open their mind to new ideas and experiences and when they begin that long journey form the innocence of Youth, to the responsibilities of Adulthood... now isn't that a load of horse ****! AHAHAHAHA!

Movie: Accepted
Bartleby Gaines: Why'd you get fired?
Glen: I got fired for making a shrimp slushy.
Bartleby Gaines: That's disgusting! Why would you do that pal?
Glen: 'Cause I was hungry and thirsty!

Movie: Accepted
Glen: That's 74-million dollars.
Rory: It's a million dollars Glen.
Glen: Yeah... In human dollars.

Movie: Accepted
Sherman Schrader: Right, you date Monica Morlan
Hoyt Ambrose: That I do
Sherman Schrader: Right, I think of her while I masturb...

Movie: Accepted
[Dean Van Horne's BMW explodes as he walks toward it in Harmon College parking lot]
Bartleby Gaines: [cut to Bartleby Gaines and Freaky Student standing on hill on other side of parking lot] Whoa...
Freaky Student: I told ya.

Movie: Accepted