Robin Hood Quotes

Ahchoo: [standing by a creek] Look, Robin, you don't have to do this. I mean, this ain't exactly the Mississipi. I'm on one side, I'm on the other side. I'm on the east bank, I'm on the west bank. It's not that critical.

TV Show: Robin Hood
Robin Hood: And who might you be?
Little John: Oh, they call me Little John. But don't let my name fool you. In real life, I'm very big.
Robin Hood: I'll take your word for it.

TV Show: Robin Hood
Robin Hood as Groucho Marx: Taxi! Taxi! Will somebody call me a taxi?
Offstage voice: You're a taxi.

TV Show: Robin Hood
Robin Hood: Blinkin, listen to me. They've taken the castle!
Blinkin: I thought it felt a bit drafty. Cor, this never would have happened if your father was alive.
Robin Hood: He's dead?
Blinkin: Yes.
Robin Hood: And my mother?
Blinkin: She died of pneumonia while... oh, you were away...
Robin Hood: My brothers?
Blinkin: There were all killed by the plague.
Robin Hood: My dog, Pogo?
Blinkin: Run over by a carriage.
Robin Hood: My goldfish, Goldie?
Blinkin: Eaten by the cat.
Robin Hood: [on the verge of tears] My cat?
Blinkin: Choked on the goldfish. [pause]
Blinkin: Oh, it's good to be home, ain't it, Master Robin?

TV Show: Robin Hood
Robin Hood: We'll have six children!
Marian: Six? Oh, a dozen at least!

TV Show: Robin Hood
Rocket Robin Hood: Good fighting, Little John, but if I catch you off guard, I'll make your head ring like a gong.
Little John: Almost got you that time.
Rocket Robin Hood: Right, no wonder Maid Marion is watching you so admiringly.
Little John: She is? [Rocket Robin Hood bops Little John on his head with his electro-quarter staff]
Rocket Robin Hood: My mistake, she's laughing at you. Let that be a lesson to you, spaceman. Always be on your toes. [Little John lifts Rocket Robin Hood over his head.]
Little John: Strange, you aren't on your toes, Robin. [Little John heaves Rocket Robin Hood over his head and throws him into a pond]
Rocket Robin Hood: I must remember to follow my own advice.

TV Show: Robin Hood
Sheriff of Nottingham: Now I have heard that Robin Hood may still be alive. Either tell me where he may be hiding, or you wll all hanged and we will catch him anyway and do the same thing to him.
Will Scarlett: I'd love to kill him for you.
Wulf: Will, no!
Sheriff of Nottingham: So he is alive, then?
Will Scarlett: I'm not really sure.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Then why would I need you?
Will Scarlett: Because, my lord, if he is alive, I can get close to him. I'm one of his men. He would never suspect me.
Wulf: He knows you always hated him, traitor!
Sheriff of Nottingham, Will Scarlett: Shut up!
Will Scarlett: He's a trusting fool. He'll believe me. And if he doesn't, he'll kill me. Then you've lost nothing.
Sheriff of Nottingham: If you fail, I will personally remove your lying tounge.
Will Scarlett: And if I suceed, I get my freedom and the bounty on his head.
Sheriff of Nottingham: The lash, I think! Sorry about that. It'll make it more convincing.

TV Show: Robin Hood