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Josh: The only thing I hate more than the present is nostalgia for the past.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: Let me tell you something about Bruce Springsteen, okay? Never trust anyone who is that passionate about the state of New Jersey.

Movie: About Alex
Sarah: You're a dick.
Josh: Yeah. All men are dicks, Sarah. We're hardwired that way.
Sarah: Yeah, but you're a dick who thinks he's better than a dick because he can back up his dickish behavior with psychobabble and pseudoscience.

Movie: About Alex
Ben: [in his crumpled writing]Judgment has a way of creeping into every relationship. Even the most intimate. If we're lucky, somewhere along the way we meet a few people who listen to us without criticism or reproach. We call those people our friends.

Movie: About Alex
[Watching Kate arrive with Isaac] Sarah: Oh, she's hot.
Alex: Your boobs are bigger.
Sarah: That's not true! That's not true!

Movie: About Alex
Alex: [as Ben greets Alex arriving home from the hospital]... Don't tell me we're having a party in honor of my suicide.
Ben: Attempted suicide. Jeez, if it were a suicide, we'd both be wearing suits.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: The Japanese are the most wacked-out people on earth.
Sarah: Oh my God, you're like an 8 year-old racist.
Josh: An 8 year-old racist... Look, you cram that many people on an island, it's like a throbbing inbred hothouse of cultural miasma. Frankly, I'm surprised they don't have more fetishes.

Movie: About Alex
Ben: [narrating]There are three stages of finding friends in college. The first is desperation. Second is panic. The third is fate. When you wind up at the same table together somehow, then your real life begins.

Movie: About Alex
[last lines] Josh: [posing for group picture]Alright, posture everyone.
Kate: [holding the camera]Uh, I'm going to need you to get a lot closer together than that.
Sarah: Okay.
Ben: Come on, come on. [arm around Alex]
Josh: Alright. I'm going to pose a quick idea, you guys. Maybe next time we do this, it's a happy occasion.
Alex: Is there going to be a next time?
Isaac: Uh oh.
Sarah: Alex...
Kate: Okay. One, two...

Movie: About Alex
Josh: I taught you all of Calc 21 and then you went off and did better than me on the exam; I'm not teaching you how to chop wood.

Movie: About Alex
Isaac: So, what are we making, Sarah?
Sarah: We are making chilled watermelon soup and sea scallop risotto.
Josh: What? What are we making again?
Sarah: I'm sorry, can you do something helpful?
Josh: Did you say risotto?
Sarah: Can you please do something helpful?
Josh: The joint is not going to roll itself, Sarah. And I am making a magical appetizer dish that is going to make your risotto taste so much better.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: Alex, where did you get these records? I feel like I'm at a garage sale.
Alex: I bought them at a garage sale.

Movie: About Alex
Sarah: You know what i want? I want you to have acted like my boyfriend seven years ago. taken me to a movie, bought me a fucking ice cream cone. That's what i want. Instead of being the guy who permanently fucked up my expectations for normalcy in a relationship. the guy that made me explain to my mom No, Josh isn't my boyfriend, he's just someone that sleeps with me when he comes home pining for my best friend to drunk to see straight.

Movie: About Alex
[first lines] Night Editor: [entering]Ben. Your page's set?
Ben: Mm, yep. Almost. [looking at picture]
Ben: Jesus, Alex. [answering the phone]
Ben: Hello? Yes, this is him, but I'm at work. So...
Josh: [now answering his phone]Used to have a freshman roommate named Ben, but that ass-wad hasn't called me in ages. What?
Sarah: [on her phone]And no one was there? He was... Alone? Yeah, of course he was alone. That was stupid. Yeah, I can probably get up in a couple hours. I just need a little bit of time to get out of here. [more work gets set on her desk]
Isaac: [walking while on his phone]Well, he's gonna be okay. That's the most important thing. Okay. [checking incoming call]
Isaac: I gotta take this. Hang on a sec... Babe? Yeah, I'm fine. Just got to the office - I'm gonna leave from there.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: Sarah!
Sarah: What?
Josh: Enough with the fucking pictures.
Sarah: I'm sorry, I'm recording this for posterity. Is that okay?
Josh: By what? By ruining it in the present?
Sarah: No, that's your job.

Movie: About Alex
Alex: I guess I was mainly just scared.
Sarah: Of what?
Alex: Of you all. The possibility that you didn't like me.
Sarah: That's ridiculous.
Alex: It's the truth. I remember that that feeling did not go away. Until, um, until junior year when Ben had me at his parents' place for Easter. We took the train there and back. Barely talked, but you know, it was, it was better than talking. It was just... Just nice.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: Ben, can I ask you something? Was it difficult, as a couple, when the iPhone 4s came out? Because I can imagine, here you are, minding your own business, and then everybody's asking her a question.
Ben: You're a fucking idiot.

Movie: About Alex
Alex: Hey, um... I'm sorry about what I said last night. I'm...
Kate: It's okay. Don't worry. You're not even 48 hours removed from a traumatic event. You're suddenly the center of love and attention and you're feeling mildly manic and also oddly angry. I imagine you're also experiencing mood-cycling and you're scared as hell of the next time you'll crash, so, no. I'm not taking it personally.
Alex: Good.
Kate: Don't worry, though. You'll level off.

Movie: About Alex
Alex: I've got great southern exposure, so I was thinking of installing a solar array. And um, maybe a few rainwater basins too.
Josh: That sounds great, Alex. Then you'd have everything you need to start a cult.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: Sometimes things, they need to be said. And in those instances, being an asshole comes in handy.

Movie: About Alex
Siri: Josh, I really fucked up.
Josh: I know. He'll get past it. It's ironic, though.
Siri: Why?
Josh: I just thought that if you were ever going to slip up, it would be with me.

Movie: About Alex
Isaac: You ready to meet my parents?
Kate: I don't think so.
Isaac: I don't blame you. They're fucking crazy.

Movie: About Alex
Sarah: So, we are all doomed, romantically speaking.
Alex: Only on like a deep karmic level.
Josh: For whatever reason, I'm strangely okay with that.

Movie: About Alex
Sarah: Maybe we should make one of those pacts where if we're still single when we're 35, we all just get married.
Alex: Who, the *three* of us?
Sarah: Yes, and Timmy of course. [indicating the dog]
Sarah: We'll make a great dysfunctional family. How's that sound Timmy?
Josh: I'd consider it.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: I figured that I would be far less curious now if I'd just done a better job of...
Alex: ...doing more drugs in college.

Movie: About Alex
Ben: I can't remember what happened last, me writing something good or me and Siri having sex.
Josh: So basically what you're saying is that you're *blocked* in more ways than one.

Movie: About Alex
Ben: Nice shiner.
Alex: Nice driving.

Movie: About Alex
Ben: When good things happen, we always wanna imagine them as fated. But when bad things happen, we curse the world as this cold and brutally random place.

Movie: About Alex
Ben: I'm scared of what the world would look like without you.
Siri: You can't stay with me because you're scared.
Ben: You're right.

Movie: About Alex
Josh: Give me a break, I'm not listening to that.
Ben: What?
Josh: It's like we're gripped by this never-ending nostalgia for our parents' music. It's oppressive.

Movie: About Alex