A Story Quotes

Phillip Winter: Listen. You have to guess what this is. [makes sound of horse running]
Beta: A horse! He's afraid!
: Yeah, horse!
Vera: That's it!
Sofia: He's running very fast! He's galloping!
Phillip Winter: Right. And who is always on a horse?
: A cowboy.
Phillip Winter: Right. And now... [makes sound of lighting a match]
Vera: A match!
: He lights a match!
Phillip Winter: [makes sound of fire]
Sofia: What's that?
: He makes a fire!
Vera: Yeah, he makes a fire!
Phillip Winter: Mmm hmm... [makes sound of frying eggs]
: What's that?
Sofia: He makes something to eat. Yes, a steak!
: A steak!
Phillip Winter: [pauses] Nnnehh... This cowboy is... vegetarian. Listen again.

Movie: A Story