A Patch of Blue Quotes

Selina D'Arcy: I know everything I need to know about you. I love you. [touching Gordon's face]
Selina D'Arcy: I know you're good, and kind. I know you're colored and I...
Gordon Ralfe: What's that?
Selina D'Arcy: ...And I think you're beautiful!
Gordon Ralfe: [smiling] Beautiful? Most people would say the opposite.
Selina D'Arcy: Well that's because they don't know you.

Movie: A Patch of Blue
[Gordon is shopping with Selina]
Gordon Ralfe: I almost forgot. I'm out of detergent. Now this is where I really need your help. There's Swish...
Selina D'Arcy: [Quoting advertising slogans] Keeps your hands soft as velvet.
Gordon Ralfe: Good. Whizz...
Selina D'Arcy: Retains your girlish skin.
Gordon Ralfe: Marvelous. Jiffy...
Selina D'Arcy: Jiffy makes you feel like a princess.
Gordon Ralfe: Froth...
Selina D'Arcy: Froth? I never heard that one.
Gordon Ralfe: Froth is just for washing dishes, but that's the one we need.

Movie: A Patch of Blue