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[after having caught the baseball that won the game for his side, Jack is undressing and re-dressing in the locker room. Bobby and his henchmen come up behind him. Jack remains facing his locker booth for the first several exchanges of dialogue]
Bobby Jordan: Guess you think you're hot shit, hunh, Stall?
Jack Stall: What? Uh, no, I don't.
Bobby Jordan: A little hero here, hunh? A little superstar here. The little hero saves the day at the last minute.
Jack Stall: What? Bobby, it's just a game, okay? It's just stupid gym class.
Bobby Jordan: Who're you calling stupid?
Jack Stall: [clears his throat] No, I said gym class was stupid.
Bobby Jordan: [in mocking falsetto] "No, I said gym class was -" Listen to this little faggot! [Jack finally turns to face him and speaks nervously because of the gathering crowd. Whether he is actually scared is up to debate, considering the following lines]
Jack Stall: Yeah, you're right. I'm both little and a faggot. You got me dead to rights.
Bobby Jordan: Come on, chickenshit, let's do this! [He pushes Jack back against the locker booth]
Jack Stall: What would be the point? I mean, you win. You win, you win. You've established your, uh, alpha male standing; uh, you've established my unworthiness; but doing violence to me just seems [clears throat]
Jack Stall: pointless and cruel.
Bobby Jordan: Don't you think! Let's do this, you punk bitch!
Jack Stall: Shouldn't that be "little, punkass, chickenshit, faggot bitch"? [Bobby's friends begin laughing in appreciation of Jack's wit and courage, and Bobby glares at them]
Jack Stall

Movie: A History of Violence
Edie Stall: What is it?
Tom Stall: I remember the moment I knew you were in love with me. I saw it in your eyes. I can still see it.
Edie Stall: 'Course you can, I still love you.
Tom Stall: I'm the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive.
Edie Stall: You are the best man I've ever known. There is no luck involved.

Movie: A History of Violence
Ruben: Got to frisk you.
Tom Stall: Nah, I'll save you the trouble. I'm not packing.
Ruben: I got to frisk you.
Tom Stall: All right. I don't smell very good... I've been driving pretty much non-stop fifteen to sixteen hours.
Ruben: I'll hold my nose.

Movie: A History of Violence
[first lines]
William Orser: So we keep headin' east?
Leland Jones: Yeah, that's the idea.
William Orser: Stay out of the big cities?
Leland Jones: Uh-huh.

Movie: A History of Violence