A Gathering of Eagles Quotes

Col. Hollis Farr: But what about this transfer request?
Col. Jim Caldwell: I never saw it.
Col. Hollis Farr: Aw, come on, Jim! If you hold this up, he'll only go to the Inspector General. Why go out on a limb?
Col. Jim Caldwell: Out on a limb!? How do you think I've been living since the time I got here? What's wrong with going out on a limb?
Col. Hollis Farr: I'm just saying that...
Col. Jim Caldwell: You leave this one with me. And if anyone saws off that limb it'll be my neck, not yours!

Movie: A Gathering of Eagles
Sgt. Banning: Well, sir, I used to be a pretty slow walker myself. I mean, you really had to build a fire under my tail to get me to move. And then one day, General Hewett came to talk to us. And he built one hell of a fire. Only he didn't build it under my tail - he built a fire inside of me.
Col. Jim Caldwell: Sergeant, if I'm reading you right, you think I've been building the wrong kind of fires around here.
Sgt. Banning: Sir, that's really not for me to judge.

Movie: A Gathering of Eagles