Peter Gunn Quotes

Det. Russo: [Pointing to Maggie, who has passed out on the floor] Huh?
Peter Gunn: My secretary.
Det. Russo: I thought Bernice was?
Peter Gunn: In Crete.

TV Show: Peter Gunn
George Fallon: Did you also hear that I've taken over?
Peter Gunn: I've heard.
George Fallon: Then you know I'm planning some changes. You could be one of them. Goodbye, Mr. Gunn.

TV Show: Peter Gunn
Lieutenant Jacoby: You saw the shooters?
Peter Gunn: No.
Lieutenant Jacoby: Then how did you know they were working for Catulis?
Peter Gunn: A natural assumption.
Lieutenant Jacoby: You assumed?
Peter Gunn: Yeah. Wouldn't you?
Lieutenant Jacoby: Yeah.

TV Show: Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn: Let's see you sink the sixteen ball.
Speck: There is no sixteen ball.
Peter Gunn: [Hands Speck a Twenty] Well, if you run across one, keep in touch.

TV Show: Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn: I've got a question.
Lt. Jacoby: The answer is 'no'.

TV Show: Peter Gunn
[last lines]
Peter Gunn: Any plans later?
Edie Hart: Oh, I will have, once you make them.
Peter Gunn: You got plans.

TV Show: Peter Gunn
[series final line]
Peter Gunn: [making telephone call] Lieutenant Jacoby, please.

TV Show: Peter Gunn